Asia Photography Project

The Asia Photography Project is a startup based between Geneva, Hong Kong and Shanghai, who plan to provide a revolutionary platform for East Asian photography.

Their goal is to provide a cultural bridge between the work of Asian photographers & emerging artists by means of an easy-to-use platform for professionals, collectors, curators and art lovers to discover and research work.


Full VI design including: logo design, supporting graphics and patterns, company fonts, business cards, letterheads, email signatures and presentation templates.


Logo Design, Print Design, Visual Identity Design

The brand icon itself is based on the traditional Chinese character‘圖’ (tú), signifying “visual”, “image”, “picture”, and has been designed as a modern interpretation of the Chinese chop.

The wider visual identity plays further with repetitive lines, and varying line thickness, using supporting graphics which ‘zoom’ and focus on the tú icon, giving the idea of immersion and focus and reflecting the experience of viewing a striking piece of art.