Capital Spirits Ltd.

Logo design for Capital Spirits Ltd.; a leading professional consultancy dedicated to opening and growing new markets for baijiu around the world. (their namesake, and 'baby' is Capital Spirits Bar, Beijing -the world's first and only baijiu dedicated bar)

Baijiu is the most consumed spirit in the world, yet it is enjoyed only in China, leaving untapped markets which signal huge opportunities for business.  So, this team of spirit experts have made it their mission to introduce baijiu to the rest of the world, and they needed a unique international identity that reflects their endeavours.

The logo communicates the new window of opportunity that Capital Spirits Ltd. are offering to the world: an introduction to the 5000 year old spirit of China. Inspired by the red diamond labels which have historically been placed on ceramic baijiu jars, and the diamond form of celebratory decorations in China. The logo is a clean recommunication of this ever-present Chinese form; a fitting symbol as Capital Spirits Ltd. begin to spread joy of something entirely special to China.