Capital Spirits Tasting Club

This is a start-up company by Capital Spirits Ltd.,  the product is a subscription based educational 'tasting pack' of Western spirits, targeting the Chinese market. 

The customer signs up to receive a tasting pack for 1, 3 or 6 months. Each pack consists of a wooden gift box containing four 60ml sample bottles of spirits, including a wax sealed booklet of educational material on tasting technique, tasting cards about each spirit, and a notebook for their personal tasting notes.

Members of the Tasting Club are invited to live tasting demonstrations at The Distillery by Capital Spirits, Beijing’s first craft distillery. The Distillery features a custom built copper fitted column still distillator used to create small batches of house distilled spirits. The brand identity of the Tasting Club is clean and contemporary with a touch of craft feel, inspired by the raw industrial copper and cement colourings of The Distillery.