CRRC, China's newest 'Mega Merger'

Two logo concepts pitched (yet not selected) to China Rail Rolling Stock Corporation, CRRC.

As of its official launch on June 1 2015, CRRC is a merger of rolling stock manufacturers China CNR Corp and CSR Corp. inheriting all the business and assets of both of these corporations, which between them had a greater than 90% market share in China. CRRC is the 'largest rolling stock supplier in the world', it has 175,700 employees, with its headquarters in Beijing.

This project was done while working at Zheng Bang.

Inspired by the array of flowing colours seen when moving on a train, and the flow of electricity along wires. The form appears like a twist of DNA; a fitting symbol, as the tracks and legacy that CRRC builds throughout China are fundamental, their work is the backbone of China.

Logo Concept 2

CRRC is all about connections, this design embodies this idea in the most simplistic manner. A striking red colour is used to represent energy, power, and the legacy of China.