Gluttony & Grace

The self-made brief for the following project involved an exploration into dining, etiquette, cultures and dining-ware, resulting in the design and creation of a dining-ware range, branded 'Gluttony & Grace'. The idea is that these pieces covered three courses; starter, main and dessert, each designed with the core intention to feel satisfying to eat with, by embracing our natural instincts of how we enjoy certain types of foods. These pieces were designed to be used in high-end dining, challenging acceptable etiquette in this setting.

This project was done whilst studying at Northumbria University, during the final year of my Design for Industry (BA) degree.

Working prototypes made and tested

"Fairy Tales of Dining": Alongside the pieces of Gluttony & Grace dining-ware, I gathered all of my research into two books; one, a coffee table book packed with interesting pieces and images about differing dining situations and trends. The second, a personal sketchbook of research, ideas, scrap articles and quotes relating to dining-ware designs.