Hainan Airlines

We offered Hainan Airlines a brand strategy platform where the key idea is to retain the same 'brand core', but differing 'brand components' based on each of the 6 multidirectional routes that Hainan offers.

In a similar way to that of Virgin, this would mean dividing Hainan Airlines into Hainan Asia, Hainan EU, Hainan Africa etc. Each would have a dedicated brand, website and customer offerings. This would result in much more control and clarity for Hainan as a brand and business, plus greater flexibility to offer specific touchpoint solutions based on the vastly differing markets.

This project was done whilst working at Zheng Bang, presented by the Zheng Bang Global Team.


Hainan Airlines


Designer and strategist. Leading strategist: Gregory Moulinet


Storyboarding, Strategy

Within this huge platform pitch, we focused in on some 'touchpoint' solutions that could lead the Hainan experience into the future. These focused on three advancements; the use of NFC, a simple redesign of the boarding pass and on-flight touch screen response to customer needs.