Midea; Live Simply, Simply Live

A global campaign concept pitched to Midea, a privately held Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer.

Midea is one of China's most valued brands, and their presence is expanding rapidly beyond China.  Midea said its goal in 2015 is to sell about 16 billion yuan worth of products online by investing more in online data analysis, loyalty programs and social media marketing.  

With this in mind, this marketing campaign is designed to reach a mass audience; a target identified as the 'common man and woman', who place more importance on other aspects of life than spending on expensive home appliances.  The campaign reaches this audience through various touch points from print advertising, to a ubiquitous APP.  Particular focus has been placed on the encouragement of content sharing through social media within this concept.

This project was done while working at Zheng Bang.


Midea (美的集团)


Generation of concept, strategy, slogan & design work


Campaign Design, Strategy

3 elements have been key to Midea’s success and these elements shaped the essence of this campaign solution:

The core of the campaign is a reversible slogan of 2 parts: Live Simply, Simply Live.

Embodied in a symbol. - Which can adapt and change for different applications (the core 'reversible arrows' and slogan are consistent):

The symbol holds connection to the Midea logo mark and gives the impression of repetition, trust, routine and sustainability.

Regional social media pages, an APP and QR codes hold information not only about Midea products, but focus is placed on simple healthy living, tips about cooking, safety, health etc. This offers opportunity and desire for people to contribute, care and share this online content.